Vu: share the world. Live.

With Vu be ready for instant teleportation: see the world on demand through others smartphone cameras.

Available for iOS on App Store.

Indulge yourself with a peek on a Maldive beach!

Vu is an application of a new kind that will revolutionize the way you see the world live. Without leaving home. It is instant teleportation, kind of.
Vu is a one to one, on-demand, location-based application that allows you to view live any place in the world.

Travel while at home or at work

It is cold and rainy outside so you want to indulge yourself with a peek on a Maldive beach?

Relive your best memories

  • Want to see what happened to this place in Greece where you had a great holiday a few years ago?


Check before booking

  • Want to see what the front (or the inside) of this restaurant in Sydney everyone is talking about ¬†looks like?


Vibrate with crowds

  • You want a live preview of a football play or a concert that happens 5000 miles from home?

Follow events live around the world

  • You are a media and you need quick access to an event in progress?

Get an eye on the trafic

  • Or you simply have a appointment at the other end of the city and you want to see the traffic conditions?


Live streaming reinvented. One to one, on demand, geolocated.

Its that simple.

  • - Launch the app, choose the place on the map that you want to see and click on a point to ask for a live video view.
  • - The selected user receives a request notification
  • - Wait a few seconds
  • - If the user accepts, the stream begins directly from his smartphone’s camera, and you see through it live on your own smartphone’s screen.

You can then chat with the other user during the live stream, ask him to point his camera to a specific spot, request a close-up or a panorama. If you like a particular view, you can make a screenshot with a simple tap on the dedicated icon.

At the end of the stream you can register an user in your favorites. Our algorithm builds a live ranking of the best members, based on several criteria. The app also embeds an automatic ranking of the most requested places worldwide.


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